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Very Responsive

Lux.shoppinghk改名喇 我地係 laorangebox 棄單飛機友✈️ 太多 請出價後3日內完成交易 不設口頭訂單 需先deposit留貨 棄單不退訂 🖤 PLEASE BE RESPECTED🤝 瘋狂殺價 飛機友BLACKLIST🖤 Pls value every one’s time,be considerate! 📎過份議價不回,即block🈲 📎多次/日不回覆 永不再覆👋🏻 📎順豐到付/面交 📎貨物出門 恕不退換 請check清楚,度清楚先買,色差不退



  out of 5  (547 Reviews)
  • beautynbuy 1 day ago

    authentic and reasonable pricing! Good trade 👍🏿

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  • zm2m7y4sw4 1 day ago

    Excellent experience! My wife is so happy with bag and she said she will definitely buy from you again in the future ;) Nice trade!

    SOLD ✅ 預售 9月28單 🧡 歐洲 Hermès Mini Evelyne 16 P9 海葵紫 Anemone / anémome Mini E 銀扣。PHW Clemence Leather TC皮


  • 66toys 2 days ago

    Really nice and friendly

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  • littlepurpleline 7 days ago

    Seller is very easy going, patient and responsive to queries about the item. Very accommodating and punctual on meet-up. Had a very pleasant experience. A trusted and reliable seller. Item is true to picture and received in good condition. Will definitely buy from this seller again should there be any item of interest in the future.

  • ryanlung10 11 days ago


    SOLD ✅ 9月27單 預售 限量 拼色帶 Hermès Picotin 18 Bleu Encre /Brique / Noir 黑色 編織帶 三拼色 銀扣 PHW Epsom 皮 P18 E皮 美國單


  • ryanlung10 11 days ago


    SOLD ✅ 預售 🧡 Hermès Constance Slim 經典大象灰色 Etoupe 18 CC金扣 Epsom 皮 腰包


  • 13 days ago

    Great seller, smooth trade

    SOLD 預售 9月27美國單 🧡 限量 三拼色 編織帶 🧡Hermès Picotin 18 X9 Mayve Sylvestre 錦葵紫 / Jaune De Naples / Rouge H 愛馬仕紅 P18 Epsom 皮銀扣 PHW E皮


  • shoppingdevil 19 days ago

    Happy trade

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  • i_luv_mermaid 20 days ago

    Nice seller, fast delivery!

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  • gigitt 18 days ago

    很好的seller,有郊率 ,貨物靚。thank you

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  • lalablue2019 21 days ago

    Nice seller

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  • fishballbb 27 days ago

    Excellent seller!

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  • angelsyc 27 days ago

    Friendly seller :) prompt reply and trade. Thanks for coming all along the way! It was a pleasant trade!

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  • mani_shop 27 days ago

    好賣家 準時有禮👍🏻👍🏻

    SOLD ✅ ❤️ 小黑馬 🧡 現貨 Hermes Rodeo PM Black noir / noir / noir 全黑 all black so black 黑色 小馬 掛飾 吊飾 bag charm


  • geegeehknz 1 month ago

    Beautiful bag and smooth transaction

    SOLD ✅Hermes Roulis Mini x9 Mauve Sylvestre 錦葵紫 Swift 皮 PHW 銀扣


  • eurobuy 1 month ago

    Highly recommend seller, always sell hot item in good price.

  • eurobuy 1 month ago

    Reliable seller as always, item is in very good condition.

  • beautynbuy 1 month ago

    great great seller👍🏿

    SOLD ✅ 補貨 🧡 超難買Hermes mini 2424 Gold PHW 迷你2424 金棕 銀扣 evercolor 拼 swift 皮 金色 mini 24 / 24 金棕


  • alliejade 1 month ago

    Beautiful dress. Very pleasant transaction. Highly recommended!

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  • km.0622 1 month ago

    Good seller with fast delivery 👍🏻

    lux.shoppinghk 1 month ago

    Thanks for buying teatime twilly 🥰