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Learn to learn. Rely less on tutor and tutorial centre. | BetterNote


Hong Kong



3 weeks ago

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*** Get organised. Learn to learn. Save time & money. *** BetterNote offers a refined way of studying. We help students "learn to learn" before university. We do that by organising and fostering better study notes. *** BetterNote vs. Private Tutoring (私人補習) 🤔 *** Private tutoring is great for answering questions, like finishing home work or explaining nuances. It compensates for overcrowded classrooms and pension-waiting teachers. It is effective for filling immediate needs. Private tutoring also have a point of diminishing return, after which there may be side-effects like over-reliance and passivity. Why ask questions in class when one could hold them until after-school, out-of-view from classmates, safe from ridicule? Why make any notes when private tutors will explain on cue like a pet-trick? That over-reliance and passivity becomes more consequential in the first two years of university, when non-trivial concepts are lectured at an unforgiving pace - in classroom size of up to 300 or more. In fact, the examination schedules may be so dense, like three exams in two days, that the final grades will be evaluations of not just what is learned, but also how it is studied over the entirety of the semester. In other words, there is a tax of over-reliance and passivity that comes due, and it is not denominated in fiat money. There is simply not enough time, especially for those on tight schedules with no do-overs. Retention becomes paramount. So, we need to foster self-sufficiency. BetterNote is our expression of that pursuit. We help students "learn to learn" before university. We do that by organising and fostering better study notes, through weekly exercises and ad-hoc services. We have free guides and checklists for parents who prefer "do-it-yourself" (DIY), as well as paid options for those with less time. One more point, the insight driving BetterNote, is that those who far exceed their peers, have a superior relational interpretation of their study. They achieve that by spending far more time rearranging and personalising their interpretation; nothing is dangling or out-of-context, resulting in superior comprehension and retention. An analogy of that difference would be the rest of us trying to bake in someone else's kitchen. 😓 *** Menu 🔖 *** 1. BetterNote StartHere - HKD 150+ Not sure where to start? BetterNote StartHere is a weekly exercise for students in middle school and secondary school. The objective is to indoctrinate concepts of outlining and revising. This goes beyond simply writing information down. Students will learn to organise information such that it remains meaningful over time, and saves time from needing to relearn. While most people start a day from zero, this is about building on previous work and forging one's own path. 2. BetterNote ExploreCareer - HKD 250+ Not sure what to study in university? BetterNote ExploreCareer is a weekly exercise for secondary school students that explore career paths, while fostering habits for tidy reusable notes. The objective is to practise outlining and revising, in the context of career planning. This goes beyond any information that school counselors may have. Students will learn to study actual prospects in the current economy. This sets the right expectation within the current market context, and perhaps uncovers new source of motivation for higher aspiration. This is an essential foundation for self-sufficiency. 3. BetterNote ReviseClassNote - HKD 250+ Not sure how to organise? BetterNote ReviseClassNote is a weekly service for students in middle school and secondary school. The objective is to demonstrate ways to transform raw class notes into tidy reusable notes, by outlining and revising. This goes beyond the assigned homework. Students will witness the transformation between raw class notes and subsequent revisions, as well as the difference that would make on their retention. This sets the right expectation that "homework" begins with reorganising that day's raw class notes; not the assigned problem-sets. *** About BetterNote *** Hi, I am Tim 👋 Welcome to BetterNote. Knowing how to dismantle and digest oversized concepts is an essential life skill. 🔧 Some concepts in school are elusive because they require identifying specific blanks and filling them in specific order. Peeling back the complexity, by outlining those blanks on paper, is the key to comprehension. Moulding that comprehension into long-term memory, by revising and recapping, is the way to retention. 🗝 I wish someone had shown me the difference. This is the genesis of BetterNote. 💡 If private tutoring is about finding answers to questions, then BetterNote is about uncovering the right questions to answer. 🕵🏻‍♀️ *** Contact ✉️*** Website:


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