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BIGI DYSON 收納架 鋁合金款式 黑白兩色 免費順豐直送 Aluminum rack V7,V8,V10,V11




Hong Kong



2 years ago

Size: 32x14x128cm 請聯絡Jacky by what’s App 60121877 或按以下連結直接WhatsApp (Please contact Jacky by what’s app 60121877 or please click on the following link as below to contact us directly by what’s app) Link:

客戶約購買滿10套, 照價九五折 客戶約購買滿20套, 照價九折 For purchasing 10 sets- 5% off For purchasing 20 sets- 10% off Suit for V7,V8,V10,V11 Advantages of using this rack -it can avoid the charge part loosing from the wall after putting the cleaner in and taking out on every single day. - you can change the location whenever you want without un-mounted the cleaner from the wall. 使用優點 -避免因經常取出及放回吸塵機造成牆吼移位,這會造成叉電配件上牆座容易從牆身脫落引致吸塵機損毁 -在不用從牆身取出叉電配件上牆座的情況下,可以隨時將吸塵機移位,這樣就不會留下牆身任何痕跡 Material: Metal Surface: Baking enamel Assembly required 4 styles 材料: 金屬 表面處理:高溫焗漆 組裝需要 四款種類 *Design for 適用於V6 V7, V8, V10 and V11 我們公司網站 Our company web site 若客戶對本產品有興趣, 可透過以下方式先付款, 再將入數紙拍給我們確認, 我們會於確認後七個工作天送貨, 本公司暫不提供面交及貨到付款服務。詳情請瀏覽以下資料。謝謝 If you are interested in our products, please make the payment in advance through the following payment method. We will deliver the goods in 7 working days right after the payment is completed. Besides, in this moment we don’t provide Face to Face service or Cash on delivery service. Please find the following information for reference. 付款方式 我們有3種付款方法, 請入數後通知我們地址及聯絡電話, 我們會在七天工作天內送達 Payment terms Here are 3 ways for the payment, we will deliver the goods within 7 working days upon the payment done, and please leave us your delivery address and cell phone number for delivery. 1. ATM櫃員機過數及網上付款 HSBC Name :BiGi Hangers & Accessories Company Limited A/C no.: 817-353576-838 2. FPS (轉數快) A/C:

[email protected]

Name: BiGi Hangers & Accessories Company Limited 3. PAYME (HSBC) Phone number: 60121877 Name: CHAN KA MING 運輸詳情-免費送住宅及辦公室 Free Delivery-Arrival in 7 working days after the payment done 我們公司網站 Our company web site ———— Purchasing advice - 4 steps to get get the goods arrival 1-Please advice the order quantity, size and color 2-Please leave your delivery address and contact name and cell phone number 3-Please send us the bank slips after the payment is done, we will deliver the goods in a week 4-If you find any defeated items or any problem, please let us know in 3 days 客戶購買須知- 購買四步驟-全部顯示貨品均為有貨 1- 客戶請列明購買數量, 尺寸及顏色 2- 客戶請留低送貨地址及聯絡電話及姓名 3- 客戶於上述四種付款方式任選一種,付款後請將收據發給我們, 我們會於收到貨款後一星期內送到貨 4- 客戶收到貨有破損及有誤,請於三天內聯絡我們

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店家超級好,知我急用 幫我加快出貨,好快就收到 回覆快十分nice🥰

BIGI 加高 特大 大狗專用 不鏽鋼鐵通圍欄 特級堅固 #2 多種尺寸 免費速遞 S/S Metal Dog Fence in different size


@OtokuStore.hk2 months ago

爽快的買家,交收準時,交收地點指示清晰,回覆對話迅速,值得信賴。💪🏻 A nice and reliable Buyer who is punctual for the meetup and makes offer without delay. Buyer is also very responsive to chat. 💪🏻

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