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更方便!Carousell X 米蘭站手袋驗證服務更新 #MILAN02




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4 years ago

多謝各位用戶支持 Carousell X 米蘭站手袋驗證服務!為咗令大家更方便地享受服務,由今個月起,成功賣出手袋嘅賣家可以直接填寫預約表格,就可以同買家一齊去門市驗手袋啦。詳細步驟如下: 步驟1:Hashtag #MILAN02 並加上聲明 首先喺你嘅Hermes、Chanel 或Louis Vuitton 手袋嘅「產品名稱」hashtag #MILAN02,並喺「產品描述」加入以下句子:「此產品接受米蘭站免費驗證服務,詳情:

」。經我哋透過賣家上載嘅相片初步驗證後,合資格嘅手袋就會放入依個banner。初步驗證時間約為2個工作天。 步驟2:將產品標示為「已售出」 買家睇中產品,即可與賣家溝通。雙方達成共識(包括價錢、到米蘭站交收時間)後,買家必須出價(Make an Offer) ,賣家必須接受出價(Accept Offer),並標示為「已出售」(Sold)。 步驟3:填寫表格並上載截圖 預約表格由賣家填寫。當產品被標示為「已出售」後,賣家可以到以下網址:

預約驗袋時間。賣家需要喺預約表格上載買賣雙方對話截圖,截圖須顯示產品已加hashtag ,並標示為已出售。(可以上載多於一張截圖) 步驟4:去門市交收及驗袋 提交表格後,將不會收到確認訊息。買賣雙方只需要依照預約時間一齊去預約表格上所揀嘅米蘭站門市完成簡單嘅登記,並進行由米蘭站職員提供嘅免費驗證服務同交收。 *當閣下參加此活動﹐閣下將會確切地被當作為已接受下列條款。條款及細則如下:

Thanks all for supporting our free handbag verification service! Starting from this month, sellers can get the online registration form directly from here:

. Read on for the updated and detailed procedures. Step 1: Hashtag #MILAN02 and add a declaration sentence To get your Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbags featured in the banner, simply hashtag #MILAN02 in the listing titles and include the following declaration sentence in the description: “This item is to be subjected to the free handbag verification service provided by Milan Station. Follow the link to learn more:”

. Please note that a preliminary online verification, which takes around 2 working days to process, will be carried out manually to select qualified items to be featured. Step 2: Mark item(s) as sold Once a deal is confirmed, the buyer has to make an offer and the seller has to accept the offer and mark the item(s) as sold. Step 3: Fill out an online form and upload screenshot(s). The seller is responsible for filling out the following trade appointment form: (

). Please note that a screenshot of the chat record has to be provided. It should also show that the item with #MILAN02 in the title has been marked as sold. (You may upload more than one screenshots.) Step 4: Enjoy the service A reservation is successfully made once the form is submitted. There will not be any confirmation message. The service will take place as scheduled. Buyer and seller are eligible to enjoy the free verification service upon the completion of the simple registration procedures in store. *BY USING AND CONTINUING ACCESS TO THIS WEBSITE, YOU SHALL CONCLUSIVELY BE DEEMED TO HAVE ACCEPTED THE TERMS OF USE SET FORTH BELOW.


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