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[免費] 大量DSE二手筆記/練習/Pastpaper

Hong Kong

全部免費 買家只需負責順豐到付運費 貨品數量不設上限(但係要愈多意味運費愈高) 真係有需要先攞,以免做成浪費 揀啱同我講number 大部分items我之前已經up過上carousell 要睇相睇版本請自行喺本profile查閱,有疑問再pm me 先到先得,送完即止 ***所有hold嘅代表已送出咗 1. (Hold) Billy Ng F6 English Notes 一套(~8本主筆記+十幾廿本extra materials) 2. (Hold) 啟思中文科模擬試卷實戰手冊2016 3. (Hold) PEARSON HKDSE MATHS MC QUESTIONS (Longman Exam Series) 4. (Hold) Joint-us DSE solutions (Maths, Physics) 5. (Hold) Samuel Chong Chemistry Notes/Pastpaper/Mock Exams 6. (Hold) 中文選修單元三 小說與文化 課本 7. (Hold) Pilots Chemistry for HKCEE Questions and Answers 8. (Hold) AL Pure Maths Pastpaper 9. (Hold) CE Additional Maths Pastpaper 10. (Hold) HKDSE Maths Pastpaper with Solutions 11. (Hold) CE Maths Pastpaper 12. (Hold) HKDSE Chemistry Pastpaper with Solutions 13. (Hold) AL Chemistry Pastpaper 14. (Hold) CE Chemistry Pastpaper 15. (Hold) AL Physics Pastpaper 16. (Hold) 通識精讀書仔 今日香港+個人成長與人際關係 17. (Hold) Mathematics in Focus Book C (DSE Maths Exercise) 18. 通識 textbook 今日香港/公共衛生/個人成長與人際關係 19. (Hold) Upstream upper intermediate B2 (English Textbook) 20. (Hold) F2 Kenneth Lau English Notes 21. (Hold) 數本The economist 雜誌 22. (Hold) AL Use of English Exam Report + Question papers 23. (Hold) DSE Physics E3 Energy Exercise 24. (Hold) English Useful Vocabulary Booklet 25. (Hold) 數本 Scientific American 雜誌 26. (Hold) HKDSE English 2017 Exam Report and Question papers 27. (Hold) Joint-us CE Additional Math Solutions 28. National Geographic 中文版雜誌一本 29. (Hold) DSE Chem Mock卷數份 30. (Hold) Herman Yeung DSE Maths Mock卷數份 31. (Hold) Joint-us DSE Physics Mock Paper 32. DSE Physics Textbook (Oxford) 33. (Hold) DSE Physics Elective Atomic World Textbook (Pearson) 34. (Hold) HKDSE Type Question Training Book (For Maths Compulsory Part) 35. (Hold) DSE English Pastpaper 36. (Hold) AL Use of English Section E Pastpaper 37. (Hold) CE Chemistry Long questions By topic

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