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【清貨特價】關節消炎 - NAS OsteoForte 特強鎮痛消炎關節粉 (60粒)

Hong Kong
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☎️WhatApp 60218126 / 👉 【清貨特價】12/2020到期,[email protected],只有一樽 NAS OsteoForte 特強鎮痛消炎關節粉 關節活動性是老年寵物生活的重要組成部分,他們往往需要一個補充,可以提供必要的營養,維護關節的健康。配方使用古老和中國草藥,這種成本效益的配方將在需要時支持你的老化寵物。 你可以認識到,如果你的寵物需要支持,因為他們的行為和流動性的變化,但這不僅限於老年寵物,它也可以發生在年輕的不太頻繁活動狗和貓。 幸運的是,OsteoForte提供全天然的補充劑,不含填充劑和人造成分,不含氨基葡萄糖和軟骨素。易於餵養所有寵物,甚而挑剔食用者。 所有我們的產品是100%自然,使成份易於生物利用。 聯合行動支持 保持聯合健康 適用於需要老化的寵物 無氨基葡萄糖 無貝類 小劑量配方 避免使用易膠囊膠囊的適口性問題 適合全年齡階段的貓和狗 A COST-EFFECTIVE NATURAL SUPPLEMENT FOR JOINTS Joint mobility is an important part of an ageing pets life and they often need a supplement that can deliver the necessary nutrients to maintain the health of their joints. Formulated using ancient and Chinese herbs, this cost effective formula will support your ageing pet when needed. You can recognise if your pets need support due to changes in their behaviour and mobility, but this is not only limited to older pets, it can also occur in younger dogs and cats less frequently. Fortunately, OsteoForte offers an all natural supplement which is free from fillers and artificial ingredients and is free from glucosamine and chondroitin. Available in easy-dose gel capsules making it easy to administer for all pet’s, even fussy eaters. All our products are 100% natural, making the ingredients readily bio-available. Joint mobility support Maintain joint health Suitable for ageing pets when required Glucosamine free Shellfish free Small dosage formulation Avoid palatability issues with easy-dose gel capsules Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages Ingredients 成分 印度菝葜根1.25克(10:1),翼籽辣木根皮625克(5:1),金果欖葉(10:1),白花蛇舌草整株500毫克(5:1 ) Hemidesmus indicus (10:1),Moringa pterygosperma (5:1),Tinospora cagillipes (10:1),Boerhaavia diffusa (5:1) Directions for Use 使用方法 Size Weight Serving per day Serving size Maintenance Serve Cats 1-8kg 2 1/4scoop 1/4scoop Toy Dog 1-5kg 2 1/4scoop 1/4scoop Small Dog 5-20kg 2 1/4-1/2scoop 1/4-1/2scoop Medium Dog 20-40kg 2 1/2-1scoop 1/2-1scoop Large Dog 40kg+ 2 1-2scoop 1-2scoop 禁忌: 懷孕動物應諮詢醫生意見

1 year ago In Pet Food
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面交: 1.【未滿$500】荃灣(荃灣站/千色店/荃灣西站) / 青衣(長發/青衣站) / 葵芳站 2.【滿$500,特價品除外】青衣至香港站/荃灣至旺角站沿線/未滿$500的地點 郵寄/派件: 1. 順豐到付 (智能櫃 / 工商地址 / 住宅) - $30-34起 需時1-2個工作天 (智能櫃需時因應貨量調整) 2. 香港郵政 - 櫃位領件$5-$35 (100 grams - 2kg) 需時1-2個工作天 3. 香港郵政 - 郵件派遞 (住宅/工商地址) $13-$40 (100 grams - 2kg) 需時1-2個工作天

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